Elders angry after Karamojong youth emerge from prison looking starved
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Elders angry after Karamojong youth emerge from prison looking starved

Over 400 youth arrested from Karamoja and transported to different government prisons in Acholi Sub region are said to be languishing in jail without proper feeding. 

About 442 suspected to be in illegal possession of firearms were rounded up during a UPDF cordon and search operation, screened and those presumed guilty were taken to detention facilities.

After serving their jail term, about 198 youth were released and returned home bone thin. The incident has sparked a lot of anger among Karamoja leaders and residents.

“The innocent youth were arrested while the culprits who raided the alleged cows from Agago were left out,” Kotido Chairperson, Paul Komol Lotee claimed to Nile Post. 


He added that most of those arrested were ordinary farmers from the Sub Counties of Lobanya, Kapeta  and Kamor respectively.”

Nakut Faith, the woman MP of Napak district took to her Twitter Page tasking the government to account for the unfair treatment of the youth who were arrested. 

“The use of starvation as a weapon of war or means of punishing prisoners is a clear violation of basic human rights. I call on the government to investigate the reports of starving  Karamoja youth and take swift action against against the violators. “, Simon Peter Longole, an activist said.

Abuku Mark another resident says Karamoja’s plight is often ignored. 

“Government officials confessed diverting iron sheets meant for Karamoja, but up to now no action has been taken. I hope they will take action and charge those who starved the youths. ” Angered Abuku submitted. 

The Gulu Prison authorities have remained tight lipped on the incident.


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